Handwerker-Markt / Marktplatz

The Hand-worker Market is a little Christmas village filled with red huts selling all types of handicrafts and hand-made items.

What’s Inside

The huge festive tree and scenic backdrop of city hall sets the stage in Marktplatz while vendors offer food and drink along with a bevy of wares.

Market Theme

Handmade items perfected by skilled tradesmen provide the main theme along with an old-time Christmas village atmosphere nad larger than life nativity scene that would warm any heart.

Market Stalls

Along with a fine selection of mulled wine, you’ll find shops with burly glass blowers, wood turners, pewterers, and painters demonstrating their skills while selling their wares.

Other stalls sell handicrafts and handpainted items like wooden kitchenware and candle holders.

Nativity Scene

The life-sized, hand-carved nativity scene is like flies to honey for photographers and you’ll always find a crowd of picture snappers in front on it.

Food and Drink

Warm yourself up with some mulled wine, pleasure your taste buds with sweets from the stalls.

Vegas take note that there gluten-free treats, including cannolis, fudge, pralines and more available here.

What’s Nearby

The area around Marktplatz contains contrasting delights like the renaissance architecture of city hall, shopping on the promenade or the natural wonders of the Rhine and Grafenberg Park.

Dusseldorf Rathaus

The City Hall is a complex of buildings that occupy the northern and western sides of the market. Built in 1570, it’s highlighted by a blend of Neo-Renaissance and Baroque architectural styles.

The Statues

While at the market you can admire the architecture of City Hall or take a touristic photo by the Johann Wilhelm II (Jan Wellem) equestrian statue designed by Gabriel Grupello (an Italian-Flemish artist).

In the shadow of Jan Wellem at the side of the market, you’ll find the curious statue of a boy named Willi Hoselmann. It celebrates the legendary child who collected silver from area residents after Gabriel Grupello realized he didn’t have enough metal to finish his Jan Wellem masterpiece.

Rhine Promenade

After visiting the market or take some time to relax by the waterfront or enjoy a cafe or chocolate shop with a view.

Grafenberg Wildlife Park

An open-air animal park with a natural pond, forest school, and woodland hiking trails. Children and parents alike love to get a closer looks at the horned mouflon, badgers and red-brown sheep. There is also a children’s playground and an animal feeding area with deer and pheasants.

Visitor Info

The market is free to all which includes all of the tradesmen demonstrations and the nativity scene that begs for photographic attention.

Video Tour

Market Dates

The Handwerker-Markt will open on November 25th and all the way through the holidays until it closes on Christmas Eve, December 24th.

Opening Hours

The Christmas market in MarketPlatz will be open daily at 11:00 AM.

On Fridays and Saturdays, the market will close at 9:00 PM while on Sunday to Thursday it closes a little bit earlier at 8:00 PM.

Christmas Eve

On December 24, the market will only be open from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM as it closes early for the holidays.


Located in Marktplatz at the heart of old town (Altstadt), the Handwerker-Markt is within easy reach of the Heinrich-Heine-Allee tram and metro station, The shopping district of Königsallee and the Hofgarten are also within a 10-minute walk.

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