Munich Christmas Markets

The Christmas Market at Marienplatz

This is the largest, oldest and most popular Christmas market in Munich. It’s located in Munich’s main square with a setting that has a lot of quality stands for selling handmade items.

Munich’s Glockenspiel attracts hundreds of people every day at around noon. These people gather in front of the over 100-year old carillon to watch the 32 life-sized figures perform Bavarian historical events. Located to the east of Marienplatz, Munich’s Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) houses a collection of historic toys from U.S and Europe as well as Munich’s toy museum.

At the center of Marienplatz, there is the column of St. Mary-the Mariensaule that has a golden statue of Virgin Mary. At Karlsplatz, a broad square facing Munich’s ancient city gate, the medieval architecture with shopping malls and modern departmental stores is just stunning.

There is a large fountain in the middle of the square at Karlsplatz. This water feature creates a misty display during summer with the area around it creating a perfect place for children to play while interacting with water jets. During winter or Christmas, this place becomes an ice skating rink.

During night time, Christmas markets are attractive because of street foods such as sugared almonds with a scrumptious aroma and toasted chestnuts. You’ll also get to warm yourself up with Gluehwein (mulled wine). However, if you’re planning to purchase some items, visit this place during the day to shop from many beautiful kiosks.

With about 2,500 lights of Christmas tree, handmade crafts, romantic backdrop, traditional sweets, traditional toys, glass crystals, and Christmas ornaments, this market attracts a lot of people from all over the world. During Christmas at around 5:30 p.m., visitors enjoy free concerts at the Munich’s New Town Hall balcony.

Medieval Christmas Market

This medieval Christmas market has over 180 booths, broad cultural programs, attractions, and unique medieval music. This market highlights craftsmanship, trade and medieval life, i.e., medieval games, archery, tours, minstrels and demonstrations by jugglers.

This is where craftsmen such as felt-makers, pewterers, blacksmiths, tinder-makers, rope-makers, glass-blowers, broom-makers, and basket-maker demonstrate their craftsmanship for sale in the streets. This market was designed to look like earlier markets, i.e., like those in the middle ages. Every year the market can’t be complete without period dresses, drinks and crafts.

With rogues, dancers, yokels, strolling players, etc., Medieval’s animations create a total change of scene. Most visitors stop at Rothenburg ob der Tauber because of its siege, poverty, redemption, ramparts, and Nazis long history. Located over seven hill is the Bamberg, One of Europe’s oldest and largest intact town centers.

The market is confined in Wittlesbacherplatz square thus offering an intimate feeling due to its compactness. However, it’s still large enough to create a festive atmosphere and a buzzy feeling. You’ll find a wide variety of foods and drinks that come with a medieval twist, e.g., traditional mead (fermented honey wine), some Glüehwein, tasty pork sandwiches, apple fritters and many more.

This market gives visitors a sense of medieval time while they rub shoulders with traders, craftspeople and knights. Its oil lamps and torches create an olde-worlde ambiance. Usually, almost all of its rustic-style tables are piled with some tasty delights.

Although there are other modern items in this market, it always maintains its feeling of authenticity!

Christmas Market at Chinese Tower

The Chinese Tower Christmas market is famous for its large number of international visitors. Nonetheless, it’s also well-known among locals since it’s where they do their Christmas shopping, catch up with family and friends while they share meals.

It’s a lovely park that is family oriented. Its market has craft pavilions, sports, and a carousel for kids as well as classic Bavarian foods. Vendors also sell handcrafted toys and ornaments. Several food stalls offer hamburgers, bratwurst, chocolates, cookies, pretzels, etc.

During major sports events, fans enjoy the famous ChinesischerTurm because there are giant screens that help cover live events. This creates a lively atmosphere, especially during Christmas. There is a beer garden that surrounds this tower; it’s very popular among tourists and the residents. With over 7,000 seats, this garden is a nice spot to enjoy traditional brass music with family members.

Moreover, Santa Claus also comes to distribute gifts to kids who have been nice. For those who don’t eat meat, many stalls sell pizza-type bread and tomato slices; thus everyone is taken care of. Shopping stalls sell wood carvings, German incense smokers (Räuchermännchen), German home traditional decorations during Christmas, papercuts and other Christmas decorations.

Tollwood Winter Festival

The Tollwood Winter Festival has theme tents to keep you engaged and warm during this unique event. It’s a huge platform that helps address cultural, environmental and political topics. It’s where you’ll find political, scientific, and cultural workshops with various performances such as plays, circuses, and concerts.

It has two halls that offer a wide variety of local and international food, mostly from Greek, Africa, India, Vegan, Thai, etc. The indoor pavilions are usually full of booths, ornaments, and Christmas décor. At the Theresienwiese, You’ll find new and unique Christmas gifts, drink Glüehwein and listen to banal Christmas music.

During these events, most shows are free to enter except concerts by invited musicians. Sometimes performance happens right in the center of the festival ground. Besides, Tallwood is also a great forum for environmental and ecological awareness.

Christmas market at Sendlinger Tor

Sendlinger Tor is city gate to the south of Munich. It used to serve as a means of fortification for defense. It represents the history and strength of the people of Munich. Today’s Christmas market started between 1886 and 1936 with the current incarnation starting in the year 1995.

The market has over 40 stalls, cobblestones around the gate and narrow streets that create a romantic atmosphere. There are many German crafts, handmade gifts from Russia and ceramics from Lithuania.

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