Amsterdam Christmas Markets

Ice Village Amsterdam

This Christmas market takes place just next to the ice rink in Museumplein. The market starts on December 14th and runs up to December 26th. It opens on each of these days between 11 am and 8 pm. However, on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve, this market opens from 11 am to 5 pm.

As the name ‘Museumplein’ suggests, this place has many museums. It’s packed with a lot of art, culture, and history, i.e., the Van Gogh Museum is the home to the world’s largest collection of artwork from Vincent Van Gogh. The Rijksmuseum, the oldest museum in Amsterdam, contains historical artifacts, Dutch masterpieces and much more.

If you are interested in contemporary art, do not forget to visit the Stedelijk Museum. With over 50 different kinds of stalls, shops, and malls, you’ll find winter refreshments such as hot chocolate to keep you warm, Christmas decoration, and lifestyle products. If you want to do high-end shopping, take a stroll through the PC Hooftstraat street—the most expensive street in the Netherlands. Moreover, most of the museums around this Christmas market offer children activities.

Ice village offers traditional Dutch food and drinks such as poffertjes and waffles, soup, cheese fondues, tasty sandwiches, and mulled wine. After enjoying a leisure stake at the ice rink, visit the local restaurants at Stedelijk or Rijksmuseum for a drink, lunch or dinner.

The Concertgebouw building offers acoustics, one of the best in the world. You can unknowingly spend a whole day in this place.

Funky Xmas Market

Funky Xmas market takes place at Westerpark. Westerpark, home to Westergasfabriek’s cultural complex, has a mildly tamed natural look with ponds inhabited by ducks, anger water hens, lonely herons and an extensive manicured lawn where visitors can spread picnic blankets to enjoy a sunny day. The market starts at 12 pm and runs up to 6 pm with free entry. From Amsterdam’s city center this market is just a stone throw away.

In the 19th century, Westergasfabriek was a coal gas factory site. This historic industrial site has now been transformed into a rich cultural destination. The landmark factory buildings around this market are ruggedly and industrially elegant; from intimate and creative to grand, compelling and romantic. They contain monumental roofs constructions, weathered walls and high ceilings that are perfect for holding events.

With a venue space of over 5, 000 m2, an outfield of over 14 hectares and 14 breakout rooms, Westergasfabriek offers the best location for high-profile art fairs, conferences, congresses, exhibition, product launches, workshops, fashion shows, dinner parties, and concerts. Most of these events also take place in the more than 15 industrial heritage buildings.

In addition to regular drinks, you can find signature cocktails, kombucha and other dishes such as potato skin (usually staffed with cheese, tomato, and bacon), classic Dutch pancakes, poffertjes, croissants, club sandwich, egg benedicts, sirloin steak to celeriac lasagna, and pickled red cabbage with scallops.

Most restaurants serve dishes that are prepared from local and organic products. Stalls in this market sell fabrics, accessories, local and high-end designs beside some of the foods mentioned above and drinks. Westergasfabriek’s structures, bustling art, and lush greenery make it one of the best places for leisure as well as business.

Amsterdamsche Kerstmarkt

Located in an industrial Warehouse of De Kromhouthal in Amsterdam Noord, this Christmas market is easily accessible by boats, taking a ferry at Amsterdam Central station, by car or any other means of public transport. Amsterdamsche Kerstmarkt opens just before Christmas, i.e., on 22nd and 23rd December.

The Kromhouthal is very rich in history. For instance, the name Kromhout,’ meaning knee timber, is a kind of wood that is used for shipbuilding. In the 18th century, the Goedkoop family used this knee timber to manufacture wood sailing ships before switching to iron steamers. Today, young people and artists have populated this area and the whole of Amsterdam Noord—making it a perfect mix of a creative and urban center.

Amsterdamsche Kerstmarkt is an ideal place to escape cold weather and rain while sightseeing, beautiful Christmas decorations at the comfort of an expensively decorated hall. Besides Christmas decorations, people can buy homemade trinkets, artisanal goods, and delicious foods and drinks such as cheese and whine.

Festive entertainment in this market includes live music, air hockey, live bands and much more. Watch movies at the EYE Film Institute in the northern side of the central station, enjoy a show at the Bimhuis jazz venue, or listen to some cool music at Muziekgebouw Aan t IJ.

De Lelystadse Kerstmarkt

Located in Natuurpark Lelystad, the Lelystad Christmas market starts happens just next to the Bataviastad. Entry to this market is free. From Amsterdam, It takes about 30 minutes to arrive at this place by train.

Although this city isn’t a historical center, e.g., old buildings or squares, it has modern and natural attractions to see. For instance, the Batavia, a replica of the 17th-century ship, offers a great way to learn about rigors of a sailor. If you love air travel and planes, the National Aviation Museum is a good place to visit because it has an extensive collection of Lockheed Constellation and KLM 747 Jumbo jets.

With over 60 stands and several shops in the surrounding, this city is known for its Christmas goodies, fashion clothing shops as well as boutiques. During Christmas markets, locals and visitors enjoy charity run and live music. The city also has two historical museums, i.e., Batavialand and Aviodrome, water facilities and a fun park that is ideal for the children.

Winter Village Stadshart Amstelveen

This Christmas market is situated at Amstelveen’s town square, to the south of Amsterdam and lasts for about four weeks. It’s popular for its 450m2 ice-skating rink; where children play with ice.

This market usually has more than 60 stalls and cabins that sell handcrafted gifts and all kinds of wintry merchandise. Other special activities in this market include workshops and an ancient Dutch tradition, e.g., braving frozen water. You’ll also enjoy foods and drinks such as cheese fondue, apple strudel, stamppot, hot cocoa, and a wintry glühwein.

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