Useful Things to Pack For Panama Beach and Surfing Trips

Useful Things to Pack When Traveling in Panama
Soak up some rays and cool off in the endless blue!

As a tropical destination, expect beaches to be hot and sometimes humid with blue sunny skies and delightfully warm waters throughout high-season (December-April).

  • Sun ProtectionWaterproof 30-50SPF sunscreen/bronzer, hats, and sunglasses
  • MoisturizerNon-alcohol based, preferably with aloe
  • Summer ClothingPack for 68°-90° F (20°-32° C) weather with humidity
  • Beach ClothingBoardies or swim shorts — bikinis or swimsuits
  • Beach AccessoriesTowels, wraps, etc.
  • Open-toed ShoesFlip- flops, jandals/sandals or pluggers
  • SurfboardSuch a common sight to see to atop Central America buses