Useful Things to Pack for Panama Hiking Trips

Useful Things to Pack When Traveling in Panama
  • Spring/Fall Seasonal Clothes – Light, but warm jeans, sweaters, jackets, and socks
  • Summer Clothes – Thin hiking shorts, tees, long-sleeves shirts, and socks
  • Hiking Clothes – Hooded jacket or poncho, thin hiking pants, dry-fit clothing, and socks
  • Waterproof Hiking/Trekking Shoes – Be comfortable, stay warm
  • Dry Bag Daypack – For hikes in the rain, river crossings, etc.
  • Binoculars – No more did you see that… when bird watching… because YES, YOU DID!
  • Insect repellent – 30% to 50% DEET
Get wet, muddy, sweaty and 100% rejuvenated!

When trekking into Panama’s interior, expect the unexpected! It’s cloudy, then it’s not, it’s a crazy downpour and then it’s blue sky weather!

The higher the elevation in the cloud forest, the more unpredictable weather patterns become. Daily temperatures in town range from 60°F to 80F° (16°C to 28°C) and can get progressively colder as you ascend into the night.

Stay dry, stay warm, STAY HAPPY and HEALTHY