Useful Things to Pack for Panama Sailing Trips

Useful Things to Pack When Traveling in Panama

Get wet, wild and absolutely blown away by the beauty of nature!

Pretty much ALL beach packing items apply to sailing with some extras on top.

There isn’t much space on board so it’s likely that you’ll have to store your main luggage below deck. If you have a waterproof cover for your bag, put it on before boarding. A dry bag daypack is also recommended, as rain and wave spray will soak the deck.

  • Breezy Clothing – You’re cruising at 20 knots, so expect a little wind in your gitches
  • Waterproof Camera – You’re surrounded by water at all times, and it’s even more beautiful below the surface
  • Dry Bag Daypack – Luggage is stored below decks and hard to access, so carry what you need and protect it wisely
  • Alcohol (can or plastic) – Sundowners with your fellow passengers are pretty much a given
  • Snacks – Meals are standard on boats, but portions are not. Check your boat reviews and pack some nibbles
  • Cash Money – Island locals will come up to the boat to sell beer/cola, and crisps, as well as fresh lobster and fish
  • Travel Pillow and BlanketSleeping on deck under the stars is a night you’ll never forget
  • Handheld Fan / Extra Batteries – All the fresh air is “above deck”, so you’ll appreciate the breeze below wherever you can get it
  • Nausea Wristbands – A natural, non-drowsy alternative to Dramamine or Meclizine
  • Snorkel and Mask – Gear is usually provided, but if you want guaranteed comfort, you best bring it with you
  • Bio-degradable Soap/ShampooMost sailboats don’t have showers and the ocean is your bathtub
  • Soft Toilet Paper – You never know what awaits you in the bathroom and there are no second options